Heart disease in children

What are the important types of heart diseases in children?

Most of the important heart diseases in children are birth defects of the heart (congenital heart disease). But there are other types of heart diseases which can also be seen in children. These are rheumatic heart disease as a sequela of rheumatic fever, electrical disorders of the heart, inflammatory diseases of the heart, Kawasaki disease and heart muscle disorders known as cardiomyopathies. Though coronary artery disease is by and large a disease of the adult population, some rare inherited disorders like homozygous hypercholesterolemia can cause a heart attack in older children.

Kawasaki disease is disease of children associated with fever, swelling of lymph glands, redness of eyes and in some cases involvement of blood vessels of the heart (coronary arteries). As the disease progresses, the coronary arteries may be become enlarged in an irregular fashion (aneurysms) which can lead to formation of clots in these Read more…