What is the treatment of supraventricular ectopics?

Supra ventricular ectopics (SVPC: supra ventricular premature complex) are abnormal heart beats with trigger signals originating above the ventricles (lower chambers of the heart). They could be from the atrium or atrioventricular junction. Isolated supra ventricular ectopics may not need any specific treatment other than that of the disorder causing them. Stretching of the atria due to any cause (e.g. secondary to failure of the ventricles or the lower chambers) can increase the irritability of the atria and cause supra ventricular ectopics. Supra ventricular ectopics are also common in lung disorders which cause stretching of the right atrium as the lung vessels get obstructed and increase pressures on the right sided chambers of the heart. Abnormalities in the blood electrolytes can also cause ectopic activity, though it is more likely in the ventricles. If the supraventricular ectopics precipitate a tachycardia (fast rhythm of the heart), it will need suppression by medication which reduce the irritability of the atria known as anti arrhythmic drugs.


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